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Will Eternals 2 Happen?

Will Eternals 2 Happen

While uncertainty currently defines: Eternals 2, it is not attributed to a lack of trying on the part of the plot of the current film. Indeed, after the climatic events (which we will navigate carefully in a SPOILER FREE way), the immense ensemble was considerably reduced, but more solidified than ever, when rising leader Sersi (Gemma Chan) and his company came to realize that the Earth is worth saving, even against celestial-level plans. The film also establishes its place in the MCU by addressing the continuity issues associated with the premise of powerful immortal cosmic beings living incognito on Earth — namely why they remained passive even during events such as Thanos’ genocidal, population halving of Snap or Avengers: Infinity War.

“I think the Infinity Stones fell into our lap and really helped connect things in ways that felt unexpected and deserved,” adds Moore of his established connections to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. “If you only look Eternals, you can enjoy Eternals, you can understand Eternals and you are good to go.

Will Eternals 2 Happen

Plus, the film even continues the sequel-teasing MCU tradition of intriguing seed-planting mid-credits scenes, hinting at the comedic fate of Sersi’s mortal love interest, Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), and even introducing a Thanos-related comic book character from Jim. Starlin’s Infinity Saga that was notably missing from the MCU movie version. It is an idea that seemingly every conceit – implied or otherwise – of Eternals specifically designed as a standalone cinematic offering. Still, it’s an idea Moore maintains.

“We felt there was enough story that it could be a contained universe,” Moore continues of the possibility of… Eternals be left as stand-alone. “We definitely have ideas about how things can cross over later. But this 10-character movie and Dane Whitman and the Celestials and the Deviants, there was plenty for us to play with.”

Of course, Eternals arrives as part of the MCU’s multi-medium Phase Four slate, which kicked off with Disney+ TV series in an unconventional way last January WandaVision; a lineup that had the misfortune of landing in the midst of the pandemic. Moore could thus hedge Marvel’s bets with his standalone claim. It’s understandable, considering the film faces a performance bar that was significantly lowered from its global peak of $2.8 billion in 2019. Avengers: Infinity War, with any entry that made less than $1 billion globally being deemed a disappointment. In comparison, the $427 million recently raised by Shang-Chi– a score that would have been anemic in normal times – is now considered a groundbreaking success from the pandemic era. Yet, Shang-Chi arrived amid equally adverse circumstances, yet managed to resonate with the audience in a personal way. However, the high concept-driven Eternals is a different animal, and arguably a harder sell.

Anyway, Eternals has already received an accolade, with the reported preview night on Thursday night, a domestic gross of $9.5 million surpassing the $8.8 million earned in September Shang-Chi, which achieved its success during a more pessimistic, variant-fixed pocket of the pandemic. While that number still places Eternals behind the $13.2 million preview night numbers earned in July Black Widow and the $11.6 million Sony-Marvel sequel in October Venom: Let There Be Carnage, could it still be a sign that Eternals is on track in its opening weekend, especially with its $19.8 million international two-day surge. Whether the money will eventually talk loud enough to warrant a sequel remains to be seen.

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