What if.? Season 2: What can Marvel fans expect?

What if.? Season 2: What can Marvel fans

The scene after the end credits reveals that not only has the HYDRA Stomper survived the test of time, but also its pilot Steve Rogers somehow. Is he frozen again? We’re not sure, but the hopeful way Black Widow talks about it leads us to believe that Steve is the same young, skinny WWII hero and very much alive. Between this and Carter’s minimal understanding that HYDRA still exists, it will be very, very interesting to see how the alternate retelling of Captain America: The Winter Soldier works.

T’Challa Star-Lord

The show’s director, Bryan Andrews, suggested that if Chadwick Boseman hadn’t died prematurely, we wouldn’t just see a sequel to his intergalactic What if…? episode, but it may even have gotten a spin-off. Even if that episode suggested tragedy with Ego’s arrival in a universe without the Guardians of the Galaxy, the finale showed that not only was T’Challa all over that, but the shot of Peter Quill fighting by his side suggested it. that Quill would join his ranks anyway.

What if.? Season 2: What can Marvel fans

There’s fun to be had in the subsequent adventures of the heroic Ravagers, but for now I think it’s best they leave it as a memorial to Boseman’s performance. Leave this optimistic world untouched, at least for a while.

Marvel Zombies

Other than Strange dropping a massive pile of zombies on Infinity Ultron, we didn’t get much out of that episode. Well, I think we saw that Zombie Scarlet Witch survived her encounter with the Hulk, but now she’s off the table. The Marvel Zombies sequel is definitely a possibility, as the cliffhanger from the episode has remained completely untouched. Really, it’s the only episode without a real sequel.

Let’s hope that when Thor shows up with Stormbringer in Wakanda, he’s smart enough to go for the head this time.

The remains of the other episodes

Many of the worlds introduced in What if…? have been closed. Black Widow helped save the world of “Hank Pym Serial Killer” from Loki. Killmonger is removed from the conflict of his reality, which ultimately only ends that story. The universe of Ultron is completely devoid of life. Party Thor could easily return, but there are no unfinished business. Then there’s Strange Supreme.

What do you think?

Written by Olivia Sharma

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