Top 7 Web Series


A short run of ten episodes in 2001 but is still held in high regard when it comes to ranking the best TV shows of all time.

Band of Brothers

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad had a spin-off, Better Call Saul, and the show also had a follow-up movie El Camino, which released in 2019.


The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 and how the USSR dealt with the crisis.

The Wire

Premiering in 2002, the five seasons of The Wire are still seen as the pinnacle of crime drama television and have inspired dozens of shows that tried to ape what they aced.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is often regarded as one of the best animated series of all time.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones might have ended on a sour note but the show has certainly made a place for itself in pop culture.

Scam 1992

this Pratik Gandhi starrer Sony LIV series released in 2020 and set a new benchmark for web content in India.

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