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Hellbound Season 1 Download

The Netflix horror series Hell bound takes you on an adventure that is hard to predict. Six tense episodes later, the Korean drama rages to its unpredictable end in the backyards of Seoul. The series leaves fans with both a satisfying (and unexpectedly hopeful) conclusion to the first season and a slew of unanswered questions. You can find everything that happened in the season finale of Hellbound here.

Hellbound Season 1: End Declared Has Sohyun’s Baby Survived?

You certainly weren’t the only one in the last episode of Hell bound and expected to see a baby slaughtered by monsters. The ferocity of this Netflix series is remarkable. As we see in Episode 6, Sohyun is initially ready to accept the loss of her baby, but changes her mind at the last minute. She jumps before one of the attacking demon monsters, pulls her baby from his brutal grasp and saves him. She, her husband Youngjae and lawyer Min Hyejin manage to stop the three monsters while Kim Dongwook’s neighbors take the action.

Hellbound Season 1 Download

Are Youngjae and Sohyun dead?

However, they can only stop the monsters for a limited time. Youngjae and Sohyun decide to protect their child Toughie by any means necessary. When the monsters use their powers to burn the child, Toughie manages to survive. Youngjae and Sohyun are killed in battle.

Dongwook considers himself the Messiah

The man who brought in Youngjae, Sonhyun, Hyejin and Toughie is Lee Dongwook, also known as the man in the make-up who was responsible for the time jump for the Arrowhead livestreams. Through flashbacks, we learn that Dongwook stopped broadcasting after learning that his life would end in three years.

The prophecy has shocked him, but when Toughie and Co. appearing on his doorstep, Dongwook is eager to re-enter the power-driven system that previously defined him as a prominent member of the Arrowhead family. He calls on Chairman Jeongchil and the New Truth Commission to affirm what he already believes: He is a Messiah with a special mandate from God.

With Dongwook’s prophecy just five minutes after Toughie’s prophecy, he tries to make it seem that the newborn edict video was a hoax and that he’s the only one God wanted that day. While the strategy is tricky, it gives the New Truth leaders an idea of ​​where to find Toughie, and it makes Dongwook feel like his life and death have a purpose he so craves.

Dongwook then takes off his mask and immediately begins to use violence in the name of God. First, he kills one of the Sodo members who want to help him set up the show. Then he goes after Youngjae, Hyejin, Sohyun and Toughie. He takes out Hyejin. After Sohyun and Youngjae sacrifice themselves, he now wants to kill Toughie. But before he can stab the baby, Hyejin attacks him, and the demon monsters seem to kill him at the appointed time.

The influence of the new truth is waning

Change takes time (as Hellbound’s mid-season leap showed), but the world seems ready to accept that the New Truth is a group of power-hungry tyrants after seeing Toughie survive. And if “original sin” doesn’t exist, how can a baby be sinful? How could the demon monsters kill two people who were not sentenced to death while leaving a third person alive?

Deacon Yuji shows up too late to the prophecy to stop the broadcast and is very angry, especially after being shamed and reprimanded by Chairman Kim Jeongchil for his past failures. When he hears an older man refer to the New Truth as a “pathetic con man” and “a band of liars,” he knocks him out. Society used to tolerate the New Truth and the level of cruelty of the Arrowheads, but no longer tolerate it. People are shocked, as is one of the police officers nearby.

By this time, the police were ready to obey the New Truth’s orders. But not anymore. At least not this agent. He arrests Yuji for attacking himself. Unable to believe what he sees, Yuji repeats “God’s will” over and over as he is led away. As a result, the authority of the New Truth is being severely tested and people are now ready to listen to the accusations against the New Truth.

The Escape from Hyejin and the Message from Hellbound

After Sohyun and Toughie are dead, Hyejin grabs Toughie and escapes. Bystanders prevent the New Truth and the police from following them. Hyejin calls a taxi. At this point, so many people betrayed Hyejin when she was vulnerable and tried to protect the innocent. The elderly taxi driver remembers Hyejin and offers to take her to safety, stressing that they would take a different route to bypass a police roadblock. Then he brings up the theme of the first season: ‘I don’t care about God’, says the taxi driver to a tired Hyejin. “But I know one thing: this earth belongs to the people. And we have to solve our own problems.”

The man – and the series itself – are making a statement about the potential danger of religion, or at least religious fanaticism. Too many people have used God to justify selfish, evil and hurtful actions and to gain and/or consolidate power. Many films and television series dealing with this subject are atheistic or agnostic in the way they shape the world; Hellbound, however, has the option of more power built in. While we don’t know where the supernatural beings come from or where the dead go, the series doesn’t rule out a higher power. This reinforces the series’ thesis that we must create fair, humane institutions that both protect the innocent and allow those who have been wrong to

What happens to people after they die?

No one seems to know what is happening to them. There’s indeed a chance they’ll go to hell, and I think it’s a good thing the series doesn’t answer that problem in season one, because that’s how it is for all of us: we can’t exactly know what’s going on with one Person. happens after they die.

Park Jungja comes back to life

While we don’t know what happens to people after they die through prophecy, the end of Hellbound Season 1 offers a possible method that we can discover in Season 2 in the form of Park Jungja. In the closing minutes of Hellbound Season 1, the action takes place in one of the “holy places” of the New Truth, a former location that has become a tourist attraction for members of society. The death of Park Jungja by the enigmatic supernatural beasts was the first prophecy of the New Truth and thus a momentous event. Here we return for the final scene of Hellbound, where Jungja’s body comes back to life. Park Jungja wakes up naked and alone and starts taking oxygen into her lungs, apparently for the first time in four years.

Will cult leader Jeong and the others return?

Park Jungja’s return raises many questions, the most important of which is: Have other victims returned? The series begins with the murder of a man in front of the Hapseong train station. Did he come back? Will he return? Will Chairman Jeong, who started the whole New Truth business, also return? Was it a result of Toughie’s survival or the unexplained deaths of Sohyun and Youngjae at the hands of demonic monsters? And how will the public react to Park Jungjae’s return? There are so many questions for a possible second season…

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